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In spite of its worldwide success, the imaginative Cirque du Soleil troupe still retains the intimacy of its street circus beginnings, conveying the wonder of human shape in motion and the meaningful intent of a clown's raised eyebrow. In JOURNEY OF MAN, Cirque hits the silver screen in a big way -- large-screen IMAX -- with a theme that's just as ambitious: the cycle of human life. The original score by longtime Cirque musical director Benoit Jutras begins the epic with the title song, performed in English by Roxane Potvin, with moving lyrics about man's dreams and eternal love. The birth of the universe is heralded in a dynamic performance by a taiko drum ensemble, a sound that's sure to test your stereo speakers. The mostly orchestral and choral soundtrack is lusher than life, taking the listener through waterworlds on "Birth" and over the treetops on "Forest." As the young boy in the film grows, Jutras's music presents life's dangers, its somber challenges, and the lyricism of love. "In the Beginning" also offers the sonic sweep and swing of the troupe's signature gymnastics. The illustrated liner notes present a rich sample of the movie's spectacular visuals, but the only clues to the movie's theme come in the song titles. The gorgeous, oft-repeated "Journey of Man" theme ties the whole album together; even without any outside clues, the album communicates Humanity with a capital H. Cirque du Soleil's dedication to excellence and artistry pays off here, using the power of art to restore your faith in mankind. Highly recommended.

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